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In a radically changing world and with increasingly difficult and stressful lives, what we all need is a sanctuary where we can feel tranquil, content and comforted.

Interior design starts with a conversation. You and your vision are the most important factors in creating the home that you’ve always wanted. We’re here to make it a reality. At LDH our approach is to allow your space to grow with you, your family and your developing style.

Our Team

Creative Director

Owner Tonya Douglas is the Creative Director and Lead Interior Designer. She established Little Design House (LDH) in 2013 in London but returned to Ireland in 2016 to base Little Design House here on the Emerald Isle. As the eldest of a family of ten, she was schooled very early on in the importance of maximising space. It’s little surprise that her mantra is ‘A place for everything’.

Director of Operations

Michaela Newell is the Director of Operations. Returning to her roots from New York in 2017 to help run the business alongside her sister Tonya. She is the gears in our finely tuned engine.

We work with an incredible team of talented designers under our LDH brand.

Senior Designer

Michelle Magennis

Interior Designer

Una McCabe

We are continuously training and upgrading our skills to make sure that we are current and always able to adapt to whatever the future may bring. Our Team is not limited, we are always striving to grow and adapt so do get in touch if you think you have something to offer. We would love to help out the designers of the future.

Our Process


We begin with an onsite Consultation which is approx 2 hours. ‍ This consists of a walkthrough of the property or plans with us to discuss all aspects of the interiors.


Design Proposal

Within 1 month of your consultation, you will receive our Design Fee Proposal. ‍ We request signed T&Cs and an instruction fee to secure our services. Follow up meeting is arranged to start the design process and discuss timelines, ideas, etc.


Concept Design

We begin by working on concepts for each room and overall look and feel of the project. ‍ Concepts boards are provided and once approved we move onto the design schemes.


Design Scheme & Space Plan

Space planning is vital for the function and flow of the project. This takes time and is crucial in order to develop the concepts into a design scheme. ‍ Your design scheme is the development of your original concept in more detail.


Lighting Plan

Lighting is extremely important and we can work on a lighting plan with clients and electrician together to make sure nothing is missed.


Sourcing + Installation - Phase 1

Sourcing or sourcing recommendations only of all flooring, tiles, window treatments and sanitary ware. Joinery is also detailed in this step. Bespoke joinery such as panelling, skirting, shelving is time-consuming and must be priced within the Design Fee Proposal.


Budget Review

We provide Sourcing Proposal based on client budget and requested level of finish the client wants. We can price to source on clients behalf or price to provide furniture boards for the client to source themselves.


Sourcing Furniture/Finishes - Phase 2

Sourcing furniture and finishes based on clients allocation. We order on their behalf, track shipping & delivery and provide budget spreadsheets of spending.



We spend a final day on-site styling the house for completion. *Photoshoot may also be arranged on the final day of styling.



Good Design Takes Time

We design, create and furnish a select number of projects every year. We are full Service Design Specialists focusing on full scale renovations and new builds, from planning stage to completion.

We pay careful consideration to how spaces will be used and will evolve over time.

Our first step is always an initial consultation...


Depending on the stage of your project a consultation is the ideal starting point. Covid 19 forced us to go virtual however it showed us, it isn't always necessary to travel and if you're only at the planning stage, this can be ideal to send plans through in advance and gain from our experience when undertaking a new build project.

Following that and with a full understanding of your brief, we will be able to create a bespoke fee proposal based on your design needs. From there we’ll agree how Little Design House can support you.

*Whether you're starting from the ground up, or hoping to breathe new life into an older home, our team has the design talent and technical experience to make the process as efficient as possible and create something amazing.

One thing to note is that at Little Design House we pride ourselves on being transparent on cost. The requirements of each of our clients are unique, so our quotes are tailored for every project and fully itemised. To achieve a true transformation you do need to be clear on what budget you have available, but we know how important it is to keep to the parameters you set. That’s why with us, there are no hidden extras and no surprises.

Below we have detailed the typical stages and timeline of a project to give you an outline of our process.

Stage 1
Design Vision

This is where your project begins. Our team comes together and we create a bespoke design brief for your individual needs.

On agreement of the brief and design fee, we proceed with our research, create concepts, and provide an overall design scheme for the whole house.

Getting the space planning right can make all the difference to how you live – which is why its crucial to consider it before you start any kind of interior project. In the process you’ll have all the detail you need about scale and proportion to make purchases that are guaranteed to fit your room.

We will present our ideas to you to either implement our designs yourself or move forward with the next stage of your design.


This stage is a full comprehensive design scheme of your concept we developed in stage 1. We work alongside  and liaise with your contractor,  architect, kitchen company and trades to help with a cohesive design. We provide 3D drawings where needed, and detail drawings for bespoke joinery. We also design your lighting plan and offer assistance with sourcing of fixtures i.e. flooring, tiles, sanitary ware, and window treatments.

When lots of decisions are being made, interaction between us and our client in this phase is comprehensive, it’s important to us that you are happy with every aspect and that you trust us in the vision we are helping you realise.

Styled to finish

Ultimately this is a whole other conversation. How ‘finished’ would you like us to hand over your home? This is normally budget related and based on how much furniture + finishes are required throughout.

We source furniture and finishes for you and handle all delivery and logistics. We agree what to source based on room designs and budget agreed.

We then have our team & a handyman or two onsite for the final days before you move in to style. Everything from assembling bedside lockers, dressing the bed, framing artwork to fluffing cushions! This is for the customer who places complete trust in us to both realise their design and add all of the finishing touches to their space and home.


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