The Journey

The journey to get to this point has been long. As a creative person, building up your portfolio of work is a lifelong journey.
A gallery of your work is only a snapshot in time.

It’s also only the work you are happiest to display. We all have projects that either don’t make the cut, we missed the window of opportunity to get great shots or we have to respect the home owners privacy.

All of that in itself is a learning curve.
We are constantly evolving and Covid 19 has taught us so much more than we will ever realize.

A website in theory is a contact point to illustrate your work, explain your service and give simple details on how to engage those services. Simple yes!
Why does it take so long then???

The planned photo shoots, the brief, the brand, your message, the content, the layout, placement, forward, back, meetings, edits, calls, edits, tweak, tweaks. If only I could say what I mean??

All of that and so much more. Lots of different, skilled people coming together to help you portray your message.

Each one playing an important role.
This will be my third website and with each new one I found it hard to let go of the previous one. Nostalgia.. the reality of the journey to that point.

It’s a wonderful thing to see growth and development and to be proud of all that has happened along the way.

I love the journey and the people I have been honored to work with and meet along the way.
I look forward to sharing more of our journey and the wonderful projects that come our way.

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