The Story

Little Design House was founded in 2013 by Tonya Douglas. Having grown up in Ireland as the eldest of a family of ten, she was schooled very early on in the importance of maximising space. With a single living room and kitchen to accommodate the entire family, it’s little surprise that her mantra is ‘A place for everything’.

Tonya set up her own consultancy in London from where she has since run multiple projects across the capital and in Ireland. Her starting point is always space and how it can be used to its maximum potential. She has a love of natural light and her creativity has led many of her designs to be characterised by an unexpected twist.

After 15 years in the UK, the draw to go back to her roots has proved too strong to resist. Tonya has recently transported herself, her daughter and her experience back to Ireland where Little Design House is now based.

Interior Designer Tonya Douglas